… like stating the obvious.

Seriously though, it’s been almost 12 weeks since Baby Bigfoot’s arrival, and I have learned more than can fit in a blog post. So, since I like lists, here are the top 10 things motherhood has taught me so far.

  1. You will do anything for sleep – both the baby’s and yours.

For example, I heard about some lady who put her 3 week old in his car seat at 2am one morning and drove around the block about 12 times to lull him to sleep. After feeding him, changing him, and rocking him non-stop all night, I she was really desperate.

2. Everyone has advice and is an expert.

No, really, everything you’ve read is wrong, doctors and researchers know nothing, and you’re doing it all wrong.

3. Books can’t really prepare you, but they can relieve midnight first time mom paranoia.

4. There is no such thing as “your” schedule. There’s a new boss in town, and he wears the diapers.

5. Baby smiles make it all worthwhile.

6. Breastfeeding is not as easy as you would think.

7. Post-baby fat isn’t the same as just being fat. Deflated bellies are weird.

Which means trying on cocktail dresses two months postpartum is a stupid idea.

8. Ambidexterity is a side effect of new parenthood. So is the ability to do almost anything with one hand.

9. You’ll find out who your true friends are.

10. You’re far from perfect, but you’re good enough.

Baby hand



*Note: This post was typed with two hands, thanks to my Boba wrap