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So, at this point, I am 40 weeks pregnant. In fact, my doctor-assigned due date was the 29th, and the one I calculated myself is June 1. My last day at work was last Friday, as the thought of starting labor in the classroom is not one I wanted to entertain.

Although I’m on leave, I am permitted to continue teaching my virtual school classes so that students can actually finish the semester (only one more week), as the chances of finding a substitute for them are slim to none. I have one student in particular, who has been ignoring my phone calls all semester, meaning she had 7 oral assessments to do all at once. After involving the principal, I got a text from the kid’s mom earlier this week, asking if her daughter could call me this weekend to get them done. I reminded her that my virtual school office hours were 4-8 on weekdays as they had been all year, and that I would likely be in the hospital giving birth over the weekend anyway.

Fast forward to today. I’m feeling quite worn out, my back is killing me, and I am discovering the joys of intermittent, but quite strong contractions. 8pm comes and I haven’t gotten a call, so I go use the bathroom. As I am trying to muster the courage to get off the seat (as it seems to trigger contractions), my phone rings, and it is that student…. and I actually drag myself out (yes, washed my hands first) and go call her back. I then squirm, walk and breathe through contractions as she butchers a semester’s worth of French.

Yep, that’s dedication right there. Either that or delirium has set in.