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It seems that the universe is sending me subliminal messages about my lack of stretching. Three of the blogs I read had posts about stretching in the past week, and two of my students asked me questions about stretching today (even though I teach English, many of them know I dance).

So fine, I confess! Since school reopened, I have been slacking on the stretches. Over the summer, I stretched every morning after a nice warmup, but now, I do nothing of the sort. In fact, the only stretching I get is from the Stretch of Doom exercise we do at the barre twice a week. I’m hoping that when (if!) things calm down at work, I’ll get back into the routine.
In the meantime, some pictures of the current state of my arabesques, since item number 13 on The List requires me to get both sides over 90 degrees. Please excuse the runs in my tights, but it I haven’t gotten around to buying a new pair.

Left Arabesque

The left is my weaker side, so it requires more effort on my part. As you can see, I still have some work to do, and the picture allowed me to see I need to be more conscious of my turnout on both the standing leg and working leg when in arabesque.

Right Arabesque

The right is slightly better as I did not have to lean forward as much, and I was able to hold it steady for the picture. I still do need to work the turnout and get stronger and more flexible so I can get it higher.

I’ll try to get back to more regular stretching and see where it goes.