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The dance studio I attend follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. Three years ago, when the adult class I used to take moved to a time that was inconvenient, the teacher suggested I join the graded classes instead. I started with Ballet 3 and Tech. I am now taking Tech 2 (since the syllabus changed, everyone is doing a 2-year minimum in Tech 2) and Ballet 6. The big deal about Ballet 6 is that it is the first class to be considered advanced (though I do not consider myself advanced), which means that in addition to a more Romantic style and a lot of directional changes, there is the leotard choice! Instead of the standard navy blue or black of the previous grades, leotards in Ballet 6 and above can be of any color of the student’s choosing. So…

It’s leotard shopping time!

Of course, this presents challenges. First, which color(s) do I choose? Can I find pretty styles that allow me to wear The Harness (aka my sports bra)? How do I resist buying 12 of them?

So far, I have bought a standard style, short-sleeve lavender one.

I’m also considering this one so that I have a dark one to wear on “feeling huge” days, but I’ll need to try it on because I don’t know that it’s high enough to cover The Harness.

Now, because the girls in the class all wear such pretty leotards with intricate back straps, I am totally jealous and would love to wear the leotard below if the teacher allows it (due to the print). It’s so pretty!

If she says it is not acceptable for class, I might have to hunt down this lovely leotard in black or scarlet.

Of course, the problem with new leotards is that they make me want new tights as mine are discolored and full of holes. Speaking of holes, my ballet slippers seem to have sprouted some too, as you can tell if you read this post. I’ll be buying the same style I currently use, which is the Bloch Pro Elastic Canvas Split Sole. They are awesome! They make my flat feet look like they actually have some arch, and there are no annoying pull-stings that rub against my foot when I tuck them in.

Good thing I just got some retroactive pay for my Master’s, or I’d be risking a shopping-induced fast!