You may have noticed that numbers 27-31 on my list are all cooking related. I absolutely love to cook, bake, and entertain. From an orange blossom cake from a Barbie mini-book to a rehearsal luncheon for 20, cooking has always been a comforting hobby for me. There’s something special about having the ability to nourish oneself, and something very satisfying in watching others enjoy your creations.

I’m busy, so I occasionally do have to take shortcuts, but the true pleasure for me is in taking a bunch of ingredients and creating a feast from it. I love baking bread and knowing exactly wheat went into it, instead of looking at the package and seeing about 26 (!) ingredients. Whatever happened to flour, water, yeast and salt?

Since I already do cook and bake a lot, I wanted to set a few challenges for myself by picking up a few recipes. After all, as a child, when I thought about being a grownup, I always pictured myself having signature dishes that I could execute from memory and that would be impressive. That will never happen if I let myself fall into a rut, so I think that a fancy cooking class, 5 new desserts, 5 new entrées, and 5 new breads should round out my repertoire. As for hosting some friends for a fondue night, that’s just plain old fun.

Food is fun

*Random interwebs allusion