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This week was the first week of school for my students. I always try to look extra nice then, and this year I decided to wear a “new” outfit each day. I consider it part of tracking my progress as far as owning my style (#32 on the list), so I took a picture each day.

A few aha! moments from the week:

  1. If I do something cute to my nails (like the newsprint manicure I did this week), I will inevitably break a nail right as I leave the house.
  2. Somehow, every year I forget that I spend too much time on my feet while teaching to comfortably wear heels, so I always wear a pair on the first day.
  3. My brain is only half-functional in the morning, as evidenced by the fact that it took me until Friday to adjust the lighting before taking my picture.
  4. Styling my hair every morning when it’s out and natural is actually feasible.

Speaking of pictures, my face isn’t in them since I am still debating whether I should keep this blog semi-anonymous or not.

Monday: Gifted JCPenney dress and old Naturalizer heels (that I deeply regretted wearing – ouch!)

Tuesday: JCP dress from the back to school haul and some old brown croc-textured flats (since my feet were killing me)

Wednesday: Maxi dress from Target (bought on sale for $18) and jeweled sandals from Payless

Thursday: Dress from Target (clearance for $13) and brown wedges from Keds

Friday: Really old dress from Target and blue top from New York & Company. I actually put the two together, because separately, they let my bra strap show (not good for work), but together they make for a comfortable casual Friday outfit. Worn with blue flats from the back to school haul.