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So, I was not going to write a rant-about-Black-hair post. Ever. Not even after the whole hoopla about Gabby Douglas’ hair. Not even after Lil’ Mama was told she looked like a “shocked slave” for posting a picture of herself with her natural hair out. Not even after seeing endless FB posts about people being told their kinky hair is ugly and unprofessional. Nope. Never. Of course, I should know that resolving never to write this post pretty much guaranteed I would.

What made me change my mind? After all, in the ten years since I stopped relaxing/perming (aka chemically straightening) my hair, I’ve heard my share of interesting comments: “Do you hate White people?”, “Are you a lesbian now?” (when I wore it shaved), “Are you a Black Panther?” (when I wore a big ‘fro), “What are you gonna do for interviews?” The list goes on, yet I never felt the need to rant beyond commiserating with a friend or two. It was well before the current natural hair “movement”, and I just figured people didn’t know any better.
However, last week I went to a training workshop, and had the most surreal, ridiculous, can’t-believe-this-is-really-happening episode with a fellow teacher. She managed to throw in every offensive, silly stereotypical hair comment in the history of Black hair in one conversation. Bravo!

As you watch the reenactment, keep in mind that the lady is actually touching/grabbing my hair every time the character reaches out.

The Hair Incident

*Identities have been changed to protect the not so innocent.