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Well, here’s my style story. I’ve always loved clothes and the way I can tweak first impressions by choosing an image to project. I’ve got a good eye for colors and combinations, and while I am a teacher, you will not find me in crocheted kitty vests or themed jumpers. After all, teacher ≠ dead, unless you’re suggesting a zombie costume (hm, I wonder if I could work that into a lesson).

Still, I feel that now that I am in my thirties, I am more at ease with the body I have, imperfections and all, and confident enough to ignore those who think style-conscious=airhead. So by item 32,owning my style, this is what I mean: have fun with my hair, play with details, take some risks, try new things, and resist the temptation to join the ranks of the sloppy, even during testing season. Most of all, I mean choose my appearance and be comfortable with it. I’ll be posting pictures of successes and failures, so stay tuned. Of course, this could get interesting if item 21 gets started soon.