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What does that even mean? Well, APL hair means armpit length hair. Stretching the hair means exactly what it sounds like: grab the ends, and pull. Why would anyone do that? It’s simple really. If you have straight hair, you can look at it and see how long it is. If your hair is curly, you can look at it and get a decent estimate. However, if it is kinky and coiled like mine is, you have to stretch it to know it’s true length.

While my hair has been free of chemical straighteners for about a decade, I’ve worn it shaved off or in braided extensions for most of that time. At this point though, I have enough hair that it would take about 10+ hours to have braids put in, so I figured I’d leave it out. However, since it is usually difficult to grow kinky hair long, I figured now would be a good time to learn to care for it well and see if it will grow. It is currently about nose length in the front, chin length on the sides, and collar bone length in the back.