Last year, by springtime, my life seemed to be at a crossroads. I no longer enjoyed going to work, my husband was going through some issues that made me fear our marriage wouldn’t last past our first anniversary, and I was in a style rut. In short, I felt old, tired and miserable at the ripe old age of 31.
After some moping, realized that some things were not within my power to control, while others were just one choice away. I created a bookmark folder called “Living with passion” and started collecting links to sites of interest, and changing a few things for the better. I’ve become more serious about my fitness level, I tried some new things, read some new books and became proactive in my social life.

Now it’s over a year later, and my husband is back to being a lovable companion, I work at a school that I love, and I am ready for some more changes. As I am an obsessive list-maker, I thought that a list of 40 things to do by the time I turn 40 would be a nice way to make sure I really do live with passion. Some of the goals relate to my hobbies, some are silly wishes, and some are lifelong dreams.

This blog will serve to hold my list, keep track of progress, and occasionally highlight some items from the list, explaining how they landed on it.

With passion,

~ Elle